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Bachelor and master students of the Higher School of Finance and Management RANEPA finished a course at International summer school in Croatia, organized by the SHFM partner, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rijeka (Croatia)

The key topic of the 12th EFRI Summer School was European integration. Students from 40 countries, including 8 students of the SHFM, came to the University of Rijeka to expand their knowledge on the world economy, politics and law, and to discuss the advantages and problems of European economic integration.
 The two-week program was very interesting and intense, and included not only in-class lectures and workshops, but also student visits of successful companies in Croatia.
 Also, the teaching staff of the summer school was international - it included professors from universities of Croatia and European countries. Russia was represented by Stanislav Dmitrievich Furta, a professor at the SHFM RANEPA, who delivered lectures in English on non-standard approach to standard issues of business ethics, as well as on topical issues of corporate management.
 All participants of the 12th International summer school, including teachers, received personal certificates.


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