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Requirements to Final Graduation Thesis

Regulations on the Preparation and Defense Procedure of the Final Graduation Project for the Students of Vocational Re-Training Program “Financial Manager”.
Vocational Re-training Program “Financial Manager”
Preparation and defense of the final graduation thesis is a compulsory component of studying in the vocational retraining program. Successful defense of this paper is the condition for obtaining the state diploma on vocational re-training in Financial Management. The graduation thesis topic and scientific advisor are approved by the School’s Dean.
The final graduation thesis shall include a brief description of solution to the problem determined in the selected topic. In particular, the thesis structure envisages two parts: analytical and practical, moreover the thesis’ structure assumes introduction and conclusion, bibliography and appendices. Introduction briefly states the main ideas of the thesis, the conclusion, summary and suggestions.
The suggested volume of a thesis is 20-25 pages of A4 format. The thesis may be presented in the form of slides (up to 50 slides). In this case the slides include all components of the thesis including the initial data and calculations.
The analytical part of the thesis shall contain a brief description of the company, analysis and financial status evaluation. The practical part shall be fully devoted to solving a particular problem determined in the topic of the graduation thesis. When preparing the graduation thesis it is advised to use financial reporting, projects, plans, designs and other sources of initial information.
The final graduation thesis may be written either by one student or a group of students. In this case the volume of the thesis increases and is defended collectively provided that each of the group members is responsible for the thesis in general regardless the part of the thesis he/ she made.
The dates of topic approval consultations and defense of graduation theses are determined by the “Schedule of Final State Certification” compiled for this group of attendees and approved by the Dean of SHFM.
Not later than one week before the defense the following documents and materials are to be presented:
- final graduation thesis – 2 copies in print format and on electronic media;
- abstract in 1-2 pages.
The thesis is defended in the form of a report with use of presentation (up to 20 slides) and answers to questions.
Work of each attendee in the group is evaluated by the State Certification Commission  according to the following criteria:
- quality of the graduation thesis;
- quality of answers to questions;
- capability to discuss problems related to the graduation thesis;
- quality of thesis’ presentation.
Results of the defense (indicating the grade according to the five-point grading scale) are documented by the minutes of the State Certification Commission.

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