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Natalya Kanyushok
Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance of LLC «Company PROTEK»

Studies in SHFM helped me to plunge into the world of finance deeper and of course it has changed my perception of it. It enabled me to structure the available and newly-acquired expertise
I wish the School the best attendees.
To all lecturers and administration of the School – I wish health and many good ideas.

Manshuk Igelmanova
Financial Director of CJSC «CHIOS»

I want to say that in the process of studies I acquired if not everything then a great deal of it!
Everything that seemed unattainable and unclear at the beginning, in the process of studying and preparation of thesis project has become obvious, comprehensible and easy-to-understand.
Besides expertise the School provided me with new acquaintances of  interesting and smart people.
From all my heart I thank the whole teaching staff for their invaluable labor, for their patience and  knowledge they share so generously!

And  I wish the School well and more and more interesting and gifted attendees.
I can say for sure that it deserves the highest ratings! 

Aleksandr Stupakov
Финансовый директор ЗАО «Управляющая компания группы предприятий ГОТЕК»

Selecting the place to study I was geared to a practical component of the educational process, course structure, level of teaching and references to SHFM. My expectations proved true! New horizons have opened; I learnt something that I did not come across earlier. More integral idea of company’s management has been created. I wish SHFM to maintain the level achieved! And for the teaching staff of the School who is the guides on the way to knowledge – I wish strangth and health! 

Sapov Vyacheslav
Head of controlling the financial and economic department of the LLC "West Regions"

— Why did you decide to become a student of SHFM?
In general, the desire to learn was caused by an internal need. I wanted to acquire new knowledge and skills in this sphere of activity, which I do. Choosing a place of study, I focused on the practical component of the training process, the structure of the course, the level of faculty (accordingly - the level of teaching), reviews about SHFM, as well as the ability to communicate in a professional environment of appropriate level.

— Were your expectations met?
I can confidently say that the expectations were met, even more than I expected at the time of learning! I am  especially pleased that the knowledge I can put into practice. Many thanks to the School for the opportunity to communicate with a large number of professional and intelligent people, including both SHFM teachers and members of the department, and colleagues from different parts of Russia and CIS.

Kunilova Marianna
Financial Director of "Company Cambio"

— Has SHFM education changed your views and outlook as a financier?
— Beyond any doubt education in the School broadens the mind, helps to develop analytical skills. It is possible to look at the arising problems not only from inside but to reveal interacting external factors. The managerial instruments which help to take decisions have been enlarged that is quite significant. The multifactorial  structure of business formation has become clear in itself and not only from the financial aspect. Thanks to it, it has become clearer what the interrelation and interaction of different departments directed to solving of field-specific tasks is based on.

Alumni of the School of Financial Director

Having graduated from the Higher School of Finance and Management of the RANEPA we would like to express our gratitude and hearty appreciation to you personally, Dean of SHFM and all academic teaching staff of the School for priceless  knowledge given to us 

With every program and every group of students, equipping those who come to you with essential instruments on finance management you change our mentality by clarifying a true role of finance in management.
Finance is not limited to auxiliary accounting function any more, but it is a creative power playing a significant role in value growth of any modern company.
Each of us having decided to invest into ourselves, into our own development faced a quite difficult dilemma – where to obtain essential knowledge, where it would be possible to receive the maximum result from the invested resources.
We have chosen SHFM, and now we understand that we have chosen correctly.
Now, similar to many previous alumni of the School we would answer the question “Why SHFM/” in the following way: “Because if to study finance it is necessary to do in the best place with the best professors.”
The honorable mission of the School, its unique program, highly qualified teaching and administrative staff, strong scientific and academic basis , strict requirements to the students – all these things are obviously your competitive advantages, and this particular fact permits  SHFM to be considered the best financial school of Russia.
SHFM Diploma will be a source of pride for each of us and the received knowledge is the solid foundation for a qualitatively new stage of our professional development and personal growth. Graduating from SHFM is just a beginning of our route! We express our gratitude for a high-quality and efficient organization of the academic process, for responsive, patient and benevolent attitude to students.
We wish you good luck and high spirits and for the Higher School of Finance and Management – success and more capable and literate students.

Anna Viktorovna Gudz
Financial Director

Studying in SHFM allowed to broaden specialized knowledge and become more professional. Thanks to studying many problems from real-life practice which seemed difficult before studying have become soluble. Application of the received  knowledge allows feeling more confident at work and helps career promotion.

Vitaly Alexandrovich Gostev
Chief Economist

Famous foreteller Michel de Nostredame told: “Life is a chain of choices.” We choose where to live, where to work, where to study. I am the lucky one to have made a choice in favor of Master degree in Financial Management in SHFM.
Before coming to SHFM my idea of corporate finance was limited to my own narrow experience. During the period of studies we had a chance to work with different lecturers, whose high professionalism and profound knowledge in particularly highly specialized areas helped us to become holders of a unique set of instruments which allow to see the world from different perspectives.
Besides the received knowledge each of us has had their own revelations during studying in SHFM. In my case studies in SHFM helped to realize my strengths and weakness better, to make me develop more systematic and structured approach to business, encouraged my acquaintances with many interesting people.
Frankly speaking – it is worth a try.

Natalia Valerievna Shakurova
Financial Director

- Has training in SHFM changed your opinions and outlook as a financial expert?
- The most important idea that I have realized while studying in SHFM that modern finance is not a functional subdivision. It is necessary to treat them strategically. The strategic approach, in particular, is basic for me at the present. Earlier we paid more attention to current work, now we understand that without strategies, i.e. without realizing the goal and the route to its achievement, we cannot have success either in current activity or in future one.

- The period of your study in SHFM corresponded with the beginning of the age of changes in the global economy. Have you managed to help in coping with negative influence of financial crisis?
- Using the knowledge received in SHFM we have closely taken to strategic and financial management, developed new internal strategies, conducted a broad-scale diagnostics of the company and implemented a series of actions on recovery from the crisis.

Igor Fedorovich Burygin
Deputy Director General for Finance and Economy

- Have your expectations of training in SHFM been satisfied?
- In full. The knowledge I acquired earlier has become arranged and systematized. New knowledge which I have acquired in SHFM is really highly sought by modern economy. And it is also important that the tutors of SHFM are professionals of the highest level.

- Whose lectures or master classes are best remembered?
- Each and every training element was bright and memorable. They made us think a lot, read carefully, reflect not only during the lecture or master class but after class hours as well. What is acquired at the moment has not been calculated or understood fully yet – so miscellaneous and universal the knowledge is. Every lecturer gave his/ her grain of priceless knowledge and own expertise which have formed valuable and integral picture.


Chief Economist
Deputy Director General for Finance and Economy
Finance analytic of "Galeon" company
Alekseevets Igor Anatolievich
Suvorova Julia Petrovna
Finance analytic of "Galeon" company

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