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MBA Finance for young people

March, 2017
“MBA Finance for young people” – is the programme aimed at training financial managers within the cyclical development of the concept

  • New delivery mode: on Saturdays (full-time)
  • New profession «Value manager»
  • Competences to international standards
  • Professional certification
  • Additional option “MBA+ MS”

MODULE  I: Business development and venture capital finance
In this module, students learn innovative phase of development and venture financing methods

MODULE  II: Sustainable growth and corporate finance
Portfolio theory I, Investment projects, SGR model, Corporate and project finance are the subjects of the module
 MODULE  III: Production efficiency and financial management
The third module examines key development indicators, balanced scorecard and basic principles of corporate value management
 MODULE  IV: Bankruptcy & Reorganization & M&A deals
The fourth module represents models of forecasting of bankruptcy, matrix financial modeling, programme of the project restructuring, as well as abnormal income distribution patterns in M & A deals
Graduate qualification work – is the development of a real project, project management evaluation

MODULE  V: MS Degree disciplines 
Portfolio theory II (advanced level), Investment analysis, Economy stock markets, Financial risk management and hedging instruments

Fifth "MS" module is devoted to economic theory (advanced level), the theory of risk management, quantitative and computational finance and economy stock markets

Programme specification

Beginning of classes:

March, 2017 


1.5 years in MBA programme, or

2.5 years in MBA+MS programme

Cost (paid on a quarterly basis):

MBA Finance – 380, 000 RUR
MBA+MS – 584, 000 RUR

Target audience:

Young managers and economists

Training regulations:

MBA Finance
4 modules – once a week on Saturdays,

MBA+MS – 2.5 years

Admission conditions:

Diploma of Higher Education
profile, essay, answers to open questions

Admission conditions

Fill in the application form, write an essay on the proposed theme, and pass an interview with the director-coordinator of the programme.
Documents required:
·         scanned copy of your diploma of higher education;
·         scanned copy of your employment record book;
1 photo.

Форма обучения: 

4 modules – once a week on Saturdays, full-time


2.5 years in MBA+MS programme

Полная стоимость: 

MBA+MS – 584, 000 RUR
Диплом установленного РАНХиГС образца с присвоением квалификации Мастер делового администрирования (МВА)
Сертификат об окончании Президентской Академии
Диплом об окончании Высшей школы финансов и менеджмента
Государственный диплом о высшем образовании с присвоением степени Магистр по направлению 38.04.02 Менеджмент
Сертификат Национального Института Финансовых Руководителей (НИФР)

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor at the SHFM RANEPA, head of EMBA program "Strategic Finance & Capital Management", Head of the Research Laboratory of Corporate Strategies of the SHFM RANEPA

Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Higher School of Finance and Management, RANEPA, Master of Financial Management 

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor at the Higher School of Finance and Management, RANEPA

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at the Higher School of Finance and Management, RANEPA. Scientific supervisor of the programme “IFRS: preparation and presentation of corporate financial statements”

Dean of the Higher School of Finance and Management of the RANEPA, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Financial Management, Managerial Accounting and IFRS Chair

Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Professor at the SHFM RANEPAt, Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA), Head of the Corporate Finance, Investment Decisions and Valuation Chair named after M. Limitovsky, scientific supervisor of the Quantitative Finance Department

Academic adviser at the Higher School of Finance and Management, RANEPA, CEO of COGITO Management Consulting, Head of the non-public investment fund, Head of complex projects in development and implementation of corporate strategies, financial and economic management systems, a business coach

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of the SHFM RANEPA,  Dean's Deputy (Science), coordinating director of MBA programmes

Lecturer at the SHFM RANEPA, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Программы MBA

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